At 360PR+, we believe there’s nothing more fundamental than putting ourselves in a customer’s shoes and looking at the world through their eyes, consuming the media they consume, feeling with their hearts and understanding through their minds.

What’s in it for your customers -- and you, as our customer?

The answers are at the center of everything we do, starting with story – one that engages your customers at their highest level of interest, when and where they are most receptive, and motivates them to take action.

The end result is brand relevance that propels growth, improves perception, deepens your connection with your customers and helps you find new ones.

Our Team

The plus in 360PR+ is for our people. People who are all in. As an agency repeatedly recognized as a Best Place to Work, 360PR+ is able to attract, and retain, the very best people to power head-turning, brand- and business-building campaigns for our clients. The experience of our hands-on, senior team of global PR and marketing veterans is extended and invigorated by a new generation of leaders. And we all work in lockstep — with each other and with our clients.


Laura Tomasetti
CEO + Founder
Victoria Renwick
Partner, Executive Vice President
Mike Rush
Partner, Executive Vice President
Erin Weinberg
General Manager, New York
Matthew Lenig
Senior Vice President, Creative Director
Stacey Clement
Senior Vice President
Rob Bratskeir
Executive Vice President
Caitlin Melnick
Senior Vice President
Ali Kavulich
Senior Vice President
Melinda Bonner
Vice President
Jenni Brennan
Vice President
Jill Hawkins
Vice President, Associate Creative Director
Erin Kadamus
Vice President
Brett Weliever
West Coast Director
Lana Tkachenko
Digital Director
Liz Aquilino
Account Director
Caroline Dutcher
Account Director
Sheila Hughes
Account Director
Kristen Thompson
Account Director
Carina Troy
Account Director
Andrea Zinn
Account Director
Melissa Perroni
Employee Engagement Director
Alessandra Forero
Senior Account Supervisor
Tori Partykevich
Account Supervisor

Global Reach

360PR+ is a proud partner of PROI Worldwide, the largest global partnership of independent PR firms, founded in Europe in 1970. PROI is a true powerhouse, ranking among the top-5 largest PR holding companies. Through PROI, we bring clients in-market expertise in more than 100 cities in 50+ countries and, with a global view, apply cutting-edge best practices to our work for clients every day — particularly in the areas of digital marketing trends and analytics.

About PROI

If you're looking for a PR partner who shares your vision and passion for success — who will be all 
in with you — we'd love to hear from you!

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