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Sheila Hughes

Vice President

Sheila’s exactly the kind of person you want on your business – and clients tell us that again and again. A 360’er for over a decade, Sheila has represented clients in technology and family entertainment as well as safety, sports, and outdoors. Currently that includes Trek Bicycle, Hasbro, Arcade1Up and Nintendo. She’s built long-lasting relationships with journalists, who appreciate her creative approaches and thorough follow-through. Sheila gets her arms around products and campaigns quickly and never misses a detail. A veteran trade show attendee, Sheila knows her way around CES, Toy Fair, Pepcom, E3, Comic-Con, PAX and more.

Prior to 360PR+, Sheila worked at Edelman in their public relations and experiential marketing divisions. She helped make Best Buy your go-to shopping destination during the holidays, had you grooving to the “Potty Dance” with Pull-Ups, had you smelling great with a spray (or a double pits to chesty) of AXE Deodorant Spray, launched the Starbucks Via Ready to Brew Packets with an epic road trip, and served up some delicious recipes with Bush’s Baked Beans. 

When she is not working, Sheila loves to exercise and geeks out over popular entertainment franchises like Marvel, The Big Bang Theory, Harry Potter, and Stranger Things.

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