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Cracking Open A Conversation
with a Challenge to the FDA

Despite the fact that the egg is a nutrient-dense, complete source of protein, rich in vitamins and minerals, FDA regulations prevented egg brands from labeling their products as healthy. Turning challenge into opportunity, we took a bold stance, issuing a citizens petition that urged the FDA to update its standards which we leveraged for thought leadership, consumer media and influencer engagement. 

The campaign met our goal to not just get people eating more eggs, but Pete and Gerry’s eggs. In just a few months, the earned media effort reached 315 million impressions, increased web site by 100% over the previous six-month period and visitors spent 53% more time on #EggsAreHealthy content compared to other pages. Consumer perception improved dramatically YoY as consumers agreed that Pete and Gerry’s eggs are healthier than conventional eggs (50% in 2019 v. 38% in 2018).