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vegan Influencer Chef Chloe Coscarelli Brings Tofu into the Spotlight



As plant proteins gained mainstream appeal, 360PR+ sought to move Nasoya to the center of the plate. But many consumers, and even veteran food reporters and bloggers, were still stumped by tofu.

Consumers also have more vegan options than ever, with plant-based products growing at a rapid clip. In fact, 220 new plant-based products were introduced in one year alone.



We turned consumers’ lack of tofu knowledge into an opportunity, creating and placing content that cast Nasoya as the go-to for how to cook with tofu.

At the heart of our campaign was a content engine, fueled by an expert and authentic brand fan: Chef Chloe Coscarelli. We worked with Chef Chloe to develop crowd-pleasing and surprising new recipes featuring Nasoya tofu – from Greek Sliders to Chocolate Strawberry Tiramisu – and tips for tackling tofu with confidence and ease.

Campaign content was leveraged on the brand’s digital channels and in earned media and influencer activity, all driving to Nasoya.com.


Our campaign enabled Nasoya to reach a new millennial audience, driving trial and repeat purchase.

We earned coverage in outlets like HuffPost, Well + Good, VegNews, Women’s Health, Clean Plates, and a long list of others, secured a Shape.com video series that featured Chef Chloe and Nasoya products and recipes, drove high engagement on Instagram, and traffic to Nasoya.com.

The campaign was directly responsible for a YOY increase in web traffic of 34% and credited with opening new retail doors.


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