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As plant proteins gained mainstream appeal, with almost 60 percent of Americans striving to eat less meat according to a recent Mintel Study, 360PR+ harnessed the opportunity to move Nasoya tofu to the center of the plate. Our strategy was to make tofu more accessible, showing consumers how to use Nasoya tofu in every day meal prep.



We identified the perfect personality and influencer to demystify tofu, leveraging Chef Chloe Coscarelli – a longtime Nasoya fan who resonated with our millennial target, to serve-up a variety of easy, mouthwatering recipes on Nasoya’s digital channels, across third-party social media sites and via coverage in mainstream food and lifestyle media. 

Chef Chloe created recipes that featured tofu in surprising ways, like Spicy Chipotle Mango Tacos, Greek Sliders with Sriracha Hummus and Chocolate Strawberry Tiramisu. We leveraged the fresh content in outreach to national media and a satellite media tour just in time for summer BBQ season. A recipe video series with a major millennial media outlet gave consumers more to cheer about, and more to share, as we broke from typical tofu fare to broaden Nasoya’s awareness and appeal.



I360PR+ put the Nasoya brand front and center with its target millennial female target, earning top-tier coverage – in Women’s Health, Well + Good, HuffPost and more – that reached 600 million readers. Extending to social, the team worked with Shape magazine to produce four unpaid videos showcasing Chef Chloe’s Nasoya tofu recipes that were shared on the Shape Facebook page. Content resonated, with an average of 1,400 engagements on Chef Chloe’s channels, and our campaign was responsible for a 30 percent increase in traffic to Nasoya.com, where consumers learned more about how and why to incorporate Nasoya tofu in their diets.


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