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Media Take the Jelly Belly
Beanboozled Challenge


What’s the #1 rule in food marketing? That it should taste good, right? Wrong! For Jelly Belly, 360PR+ embraced the ICK to make the brand’s  Beanboozled line a pop culture phenomenon! Is it coconut or spoiled milk? Leveraging 360PR+’s relationship with top-tier media, we challenged our favorite morning show hosts, food and entertainment media to try Beanboozled, using their firsthand reactions to break through to consumers.


To launch the newest BeanBoozled edition, 360PR+ amped up the wow factor with a “Dare to Compare” event for media, influencers and buyers, recruiting Saturday Night Live’s Aidy Bryant as host. In our GIF booth, Bryant, Jelly Belly CEO Lisa Brasher and 40+ media attendees captured their very own BeanBoozled moments, spurring immediate sharing on social media about the new edition right from our event. Coinciding with the event, 360PR+ broke the new edition news with a first-exclusive feature story in USA Today and, on the heels of the event, media across the country received “first taste” kits, sharing their Beanboozled reactions on live TV and challenging viewers everywhere to pick up Beanboozled and join the fun. With each new Beanboozled edition, we’ve pushed the boundaries of gross, making Beanboozled a viral sensation.


360PR+ put Jelly Belly’s Beanboozled in the mouths of the nation’s most popular TV hosts and they wasted no time putting it on-air, with feature-length segments on TODAY, The Chew, Live with Kelly & Ryan, E! Online, CBS News and more. Creating a pervasive pop-culture moment spanning  Gen Z to Millennial consumers, we landed additional coverage in Mental Floss, Maxim, Refinery29, Cosmopolitan, Seventeen, Food Network Magazine, Business Insider and others. 360PR+ has played a pivotal role in Beanboozled’s success, leading to several more editions and successful spin-offs like Beanboozled Fiery Five.

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