Alison Swift

Director of Insights + Brand Strategy

With over a decade of experience in media planning, buying and research in retail, finance, automotive, travel, food & beverage and other B2C and B2B sectors, Alison makes our client teams – and the programs they deliver – smarter. She illuminates the “who,” “where” and “how” to reach the target audience with greatest impact, helping refine media strategy and messaging, often finding additional targets or a “white space” angle.
Adeptly employing an array of tools and data points, Alison is both high-level strategist who translates cultural, market, brand and audience insights and meticulous tactician focused on research and analytics to inform and measure our work for clients.
When Alison isn’t knee deep in data, she’s on a mission to perfect her favorite cookie recipes – salted chocolate chip is her biggest success to date but she has high hopes for chocolate mint!