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Finding an Iconic Shortbread's Digital Sweet Spot



Walkers Shortbread has it all for discerning indulgers and home entertainers: clean ingredients (butter, flour, sugar, pinch of salt), a genuine heritage story (founded 1898, family owned), and bona fide import cachet (100% Scottish countryside-made).
Make that almost had it all in 2017. There was one ingredient missing for a time-tested PR campaign built on telling the bigger Walkers story through new products: a lack of new products. To boot, there were neither big events nor consumer activations planned. Our approach to generating earned media would need to change.



We evaluated content delivery methods for effectiveness and influencer marketing rose to the top, with Google reporting that social engagement on highly followed food channels had increased 120% over the prior year, and Twitter revealing that 40% of consumers purchased a food item after seeing a trusted influencer use it.  
Next, we assembled a group of four high-reach ambassadors and 30 brand fan micro-influencers to form The Walkers Shortbread Society, creating fresh content at a near-weekly pace for Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.


It was a delicious year. The Walkers Shortbread Society delivered influencer recommendations and branded content that reached 15 million across social media, for an efficient $1.68 CPM. And the value-added content resonated with our target female shopper as she scrolled through her social feed, with an average of 219 engagements/posts.

The content was so good, it was noticed by major publishers, who shared it with their audiences, too – upping reach of the nimble (under $100K) campaign to 820M impressions. 


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