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Turning Likes Into Loves For Walkers

Really, what’s not to love about Walkers Shortbread? At a time when “authentic” is all the rage, here’s a brand born in 1898 in Scotland’s countryside, where the founding family is still toiling away, still true to their original recipe: butter, flour, sugar, salt. But before we came onboard, that love wasn’t coming through on Facebook, where the Walkers 30s-50s female target lives virtually. Within four months on the job, the brand’s fans were engaging with our revamped content at a sky-high rate, paying big dividends in e-mail database and e-commerce growth.


We kept it simple, giving the brand’s simple goodness a chance to shine, in sometimes unexpected ways, with content created in-house that hewed to four basic themes: Ingredients Romance, Rich Family Heritage, Mouthwatering Recipes and Cultural Whimsy. Then we looked at what was working hardest, and optimized it, with the likes of a summer family reunion promotion that celebrated families of all types, celebrating their favorite ways. And then, by turning a tie-in with the Scotland-based STARZ series Outlander into a blockbuster travel promotion that would light up the show’s die-hard fan base, driving nearly 100,000 entries, with two-thirds opting into Walkers e-mail. Our data-driven strategy would also boost the first-ever Walkers gluten free products by targeting people who had abandoned online shopping carts that contained gluten free items.


Like butter. A goal of 100,000 high-quality fans was met months ahead of schedule, with content resonating to the tune of a 7% engagement rate: many-fold the industry average of 0.19%. The Outlander promotion tripled the Walkers US opt-in consumer database to more than 90,000. E-commerce sales through the Walkers US website driven directly from Facebook, not an original success benchmark, rang up more than $36,000 for the year – up from a previous total of $0. That’s our kind of bonus!


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