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Reigniting Travel Interest with “Tickets to Love”


Virgin Atlantic approached 360PR+ to reignite interest in travel between the U.S. and U.K. as pandemic travel restrictions loosened, coming into 2022. Our research revealed a pent-up thirst for not only travel and new experiences, but to find love in new places.


We went in search of Americans’ stories about their quest for love and offered eight lucky winners their very own “Tickets to Love” aboard a special Virgin Atlantic flight to London. The contest announcement provided a first-wave of buzz and the trip with our winners offered a second wave of news coverage and conversation. For added media and consumer appeal, we enlisted Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise contestant Jared Haibon as our “Love Liaison,” joining winners on the special flight. Springing into action quickly, we tied the campaign to launch leading into Valentine’s Day, making Virgin Atlantic’s “Tickets for Love” simply irresistible to media.



  • Tickets to Love quickly spurred interest in travel to London, helping Virgin Atlantic appeal to adventure-seeking millennials. We secured 87 stories generating nearly 4 billion earned media impressions.

  • Moreover, we generated 31,000 site visits and 8,000 contest entries, and spurred 215,000 engagements with campaign content on Instagram.