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VO5 National Anti-Frizz Month

With roots in 1950’s Hollywood, Alberto VO5 has a storied past. Now, it was time for the time-honored brand to focus on what’s next. 360PR+ was brought on board to bring VO5 into the future, contemporizing the brand’s voice, look and feel with the goal of capturing a new generation of fans while still appealing to the brand’s longtime, loyal users. 360PR+ proudly contributed to VO5’s comeback in 2014 and was then tasked with a new challenge: outshine that work with a new, 5 Essential Vitamin-focused campaign.


We started with a broad idea: give VO5 ownership of a “bad hair” day, around which we would design messaging and generate coverage and content positioning relevant VO5 products as solutions. We worked with Lindberg International to design and field a comprehensive, statistically valid nationwide survey of women’s experiences with feelings about and behaviors around bad hair days. The number one bad hair issue was, by a landslide: frizz, especially during the dog days of summer. We synthesized research findings to a sharp point, then brought to life “VO5 National Anti-Frizz Month,” staking out the entire month of August as time for VO5 to own the hair care conversation.


For content and guaranteed reach, we partnered with leading YouTube-based beauty bloggers to be VO5 ambassadors and create “problem-solution” videos that could be shared widely across their well-developed social channels, as well as VO5’s own brand channels. Our broadcast strategy: invite on-air meteorologists to conduct “Frizz-Casts” on especially HHH August days, arming them with copy points on the science behind humidity’s impact on hair. The offer led to features on FOX, The Weather Channel’s website and opened doors to a “time tested” beauty solutions segment on Today. “VO5 National Anti-Frizz Month” delivered on every objective, driving significant sales growth, boosting web traffic and social fandom, and enhancing VO5 awareness and third-party endorsement of its products’ effectiveness.


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