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Rolling Out Wellness TruFood: On the Road, Online and in Pet Stores

WellPet’s Wellness Natural Pet Food was preparing to launch its first food in the new, fast-growing raw-inspired category of natural pet foods. But feeding raw can be time-intensive and messy. We wanted to show pet parents how Wellness TruFood would make it easy to give pets the benefits of raw nutrition.

To break through in an emotionally resonant way, we hosted our own TruFood-inspired farm stand in 8 markets, with a national kick-off in New York that included sampling at the Madison Park dog run. Our media backdrop was the world’s largest mural created by and for pets. We asked pet parents and their pups to stamp a paw on the colorful mural and, for each paw print, WellPet donated a bag of Wellness TruFood to pets in need via the ASPCA.

The successful launch reached millions of pet parents – via outlets like PEOPLE Pets and The New York Daily News and social media influencers, who trialed and reviewed TruFood – and drove pet parents to retail stores and the TruFood website.


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