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Trek Issues the
Call to #GoByBike


With climate change taking center stage, Trek wanted to use its platform to make a positive impact. The message would be a simple one: swap one car trip weekly with a bike trip. In short, empower consumers to #GoByBike. Trek partnered with the University of Wisconsin on new research that shows the potential health and environmental benefits of cycling in the U.S., including examining how cycling at scale might potentially mitigate carbon emissions and chronic disease, such as diabetes. To motivate consumers, 360PR+ addressed the full sphere of cycling benefits – from climate change to physical fitness, social connections and mental health amid the stress of the pandemic and beyond as the multi-year campaign rolled on.


Through custom research, 360PR+ found Americans saw cycling as a means for essential travel to grocery stores and an outlet for physical and mental health. We let media experience those benefits firsthand, inviting journalists in  proximity to Trek stores to saddle-up on one of the new Trek bike models. We deployed Trek’s president and a cadre of subject matter experts – like Trek’s head of advocacy – for media interviews, discussing Trek’s research and underscoring the many benefits of cycling. Finally, coinciding with our #GoByBike campaign, we launched Trek’s home delivery business, showing how Trek makes it even easier to select and get the bike of your dreams – delivered ready to ride, straight to your door.


Media embraced #GoByBike, with Good Morning America, TODAY, CBS Evening News, Bloomberg, Forbes, Gear Junkie, Outside, Real Simple and more joining Trek in issuing the call to #GoByBike. 360PR+ secured 220+ stories and coordinated 30 interviews with Trek executives. That contributed not only to bike sales online and in-store, but healthier habits for riders, who chose two wheels instead of four and made #GoByBike a powerful movement.

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