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Taking Cycling Safety Head-On with New Helmet Tech

Trek’s new Bontrager WaveCel helmet is a game changer in bike safety, challenging 30 years of helmet technology that has remained largely unchanged. But industry standards can’t be changed overnight – or can they?

The objective was to generate awareness of WaveCel via widespread media coverage that reaches consumers and retailers. It was essential to establish credibility with health, science and cycling media, so we provided full access to a whitepaper and leveraged a powerful 5-star independent endorsement from Virginia Tech. To reach mainstream media, we distilled the research down to a comprehensible story and used video to help. For real-world impact, we enlisted former Trek Factory Racing pro Jens Voigt who had experienced a near-death cycling accident. At launch, we hosted a VIP event where 30+ media got to see the new technology and speak with its inventors. We sustained momentum by leveraging Bike to Work Week, Spring biking season and gift guides. 

360PR+ placed media coverage in outlets ranging from WIRED, CNET, and Fast Company to Shape, Popular Mechanics, and Men’s Journal, telling Trek’s better helmet story to riders and retailers alike. With 7 in 10 articles driving to Trek’s website to learn more, website sessions more than doubled YOY. With PR as the driving force behind the launch, Trek ultimately sold out of all WaveCel helmets within weeks of the new product’s unveiling to media.

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