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Platinum Elite Collection Takes Flight 


As they prepared to launch premium line of luggage, the Platinum Elite Collection, Travelpro needed to make a splash in a new audience segment within their category.

As a heritage brand that has successfully catered to frequent travelers, business professionals and flight crews, the Platinum Elite collection placed an emphasis on style and design that was much more tailored to a younger and more life-style focused audience.

The brand needed a way to position this bag, leveraging influencers and social media, to drive home the inspirational nature of the Platinum Elite collection.



To help elevate brand perception for the launch of the Platinum Elite Collection, Travelpro hosted a launch-event at a trendy, fashion-forward New York City hotel for journalists and top influencers across travel, lifestyle and business categories.

The goal was to drive awareness for the new collection and help seed media and influencer coverage with national print and online media coverage, as well as across large social audiences. 

To help draw interest for the event and further boost awareness around the launch, 360PR+ tapped Tan France of Netflix’s tremendously popular Queer Eye reality show as a brand ambassador and celebrity endorser.


Over the course of the launch event and the weeks following the event, 360PR+ garnered over 165 million impressions through earned media and nearly 250K engagements on social media channels.

Coverage from the event extended the brand’s reach into new key national outlets targeted to the life-style and millennial audiences including Refinery29, Buzzfeed and Bustle for coverage of the Platinum Elite Collection.

Tan France’s social efforts generated more than 216K engagements across his Instagram account and drove more than 12K of his followers to visit the Platinum Elite product page increasing sales for the new luggage line.


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