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#StopTheSpill Influencer Activation

With its innovative new toddler cups, Tommee Tippee wanted to add some levity to messy mealtimes while communicating to parents that Tommee Tippee gets the struggle and is there to save the day. 360PR+ developed a disruptive influencer campaign that did just that.

To connect with moms and dads in a memorable and meaningful way, we initiated a movement to #StoptheSpill. Our campaign would sensationalize the messy, sticky struggles of sippy cup transitioning and celebrate the utopian glory of a totally spill-free world. The campaign centerpiece was a multi-tiered influencer program with a carefully-curated group of social media moms and dads. From toddler-narrated reviews in the kitchen, to over-the-top scripted family skits, each of our influencers developed content from their own POVs, showing how Tommee Tippee saved the day.

The influencer activation generated 50+ pieces of high-quality content and 3 million impressions, with a high average engagement rate of 10.13%. Moreover, influencer content drove a 45% increase in website traffic and 40% increase in email registrations. Most important, the influencer campaign, along with 360’s earned media efforts, drove a 28% increase in Tommee Tippee cups sales at mission-critical retailers (including Target and Walmart) and an 18% sales lift elsewhere.


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