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Spreading the Word…To Moms and Foodies

To try Sir Kensington’s is to love Sir Kensington’s: a fast growing, critically praised condiments brand, with ketchup from fresh, vine-ripened tomatoes, silky, better-for-you mayonnaise from cage-free eggs, and more.


The company came to us in 2013 with a dual mission: keep the brand’s original gourmet fans in the fold while expanding to a new audience: discerning moms looking to do better for their families at mealtime.



Just weeks after joining forces, 360PR+ had the kind Sir gracing the likes of Redbook, People, Shape, Self and Everyday Food with Rachael Ray for the very first time, while keeping the brand front and center in bon appétit, Tasting Table and other top shelf, foodie-centric outlets. The New York Times sang the praises of the brand’s new mayos (“thick but not overbearing in flavor”), while Sir Kensington’s enjoyed its first major broadcast exposure on nationally syndicated TV outlets.

Add a healthy dollop of trade coverage, and a sampling program with healthy family-focused Kiwi magazine to support fast-growing distribution at Target, Safeway and other bellwether retailers, and the recipe for success is complete.


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