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Re-Introducing a Classic


To increase national media attention in the Rubik’s Cube, we put a fresh twist on the classic toy’s story – casting it as 21st century classroom tool and a brand that’s more relevant today than ever before.

That meant appealing to parents and teachers, while making Rubik’s cool with kids.



We brought history and pop-culture together, with a hands-on Rubik’s challenge for media at the Museum of Modern Art featuring Creator Erno Rubik as personal coach.

Providing fodder for journalists, we released results of a survey of 1,000 consumers that found more than more consumers have played with the Cube than own an iPhone. Our survey also found that 17% would be more likely to hire someone if they are able solve the Cube.

Adding human interest, and edge, we spotlighted the best-of-the-best-puzzle-solvers: Rubik’s speed-cubers, who faced off at the first-ever Red Bull Rubik’s Cube World Championship.


Almost as fast as speed-cubers, our three-month campaign turned into a success story for Rubik’s, with nearly 400 million earned impressions that helped Rubik’s products stand out and paved a path for sales success during the all-important Q4 holiday season.


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