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Office Snack Attack 


360’s work with Peapod over the last decade has helped the online grocery pioneer successfully grow its business, raising awareness of Peapod’s service in new and existing markets.

A core strategy is to position Peapod as the online grocery expert, with a single-minded focus on grocery delivery for 25 years, backed by new, state-of-the-art warerooms and dedicated drivers and fleet.

While the competition was focused on home delivery, we saw an opportunity to increase delivery to businesses, whose orders were twice as large as home ones.



Our social listening uncovered a disturbing trend: food theft was running rampant in most offices. Our campaign cast a light on the problem in a buzzworthy, relatable way, and positioned Peapod’s Delivery to Business service as the solution for snack-deprived office workers.


An immediate storm of national and regional media coverage and social media sharing about the office “Fridge War” and the benefits of providing free snacks to employees increased Peapod’s share of voice by 63%. Most important, our campaign was credited with driving up Peapod Delivery to Business sales by 13.8%.


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