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Jovial’s Cassava Pasta Meets the U.S.


Artisanal Italian pasta brand Jovial tapped our team to introduce its plant-based Grain Free Cassava Pasta, marking the first cassava pasta to market in the U.S. Our deep experience in healthy, plant-based foods provided the running start Jovial needed to build awareness and market share for its newest pasta.


Aligning Jovial’s cassava pasta line with healthy eating regimes, family meals, and summer and fall cooking activities that spanned the launch period, we executed a series of virtual cooking classes with top-tier food editors. We developed creative mailers to spur influencers to post about the new cassava grain-free pasta line, sharing recipes and tips on how to enjoy Jovial’s new cassava pasta. Finally, we spread the word about the CEO & Founder’s personal story of starting Jovial to provide a healthy alternative for her daughter’s restrictive diet.


Our work drove coverage in all the right places: Women’s Health, Goop, Real Simple, and more. We earned Clean Eating Magazine’s 2021 Clean Choice Award and landed a high-profile company profile story on top-tier business podcast How I Built This featuring Jovial CEO & Founder Carla Bartolucci. Bottomline: Our work helped Jovial’s Cassava Pasta quickly capture the #2 spot in the natural pasta category for sales success.

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