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To taste illy is to love illy: a brand built on delivering the highest quality, with evidence in every beautifully balanced cup. A longtime 360PR+ client, the Italian company recently expanded our role, aiming to help discerning American coffee lovers understand the important reasons why and how illy achieves that legendary quality: a farm-to-cup story of ethical sourcing, sustainability and unmatched technical expertise. And in doing so, setting illy apart in coffee’s increasingly crowded premium segment.


The challenge and opportunity was to transform a complex set of facts — a 20-country supply chain, multiple stakeholders, arcane certifications and more — into a tight and compelling story. In our view, success would ultimately turn on who would deliver it: Andrea Illy, the company’s chairman. Our strategy: broaden the opportunities for coverage in influential media. We positioned Illy as not only expert in global coffee, but also in European business and luxury brands, whereby the illy brand's story would naturally serve as proof points. Illy agreed to devote more time to U.S. media, we developed a tight storytelling platform and got down to work.



Illy emerged as a new voice in American media’s coverage of coffee, contributing to record gross revenues in North America for 2016. Live appearances we booked throughout the year on CNBC, FOX Business, NPR and other opinion-leading broadcast outlets were complemented by major print profiles in the likes of Bloomberg Businessweek, and news-making speaking opportunities at C-level only events like Bloomberg The Year Ahead and Culinary Institute of America/Harvard’s Menus of Change. Bylined articles, presentations for business schools and other 360PR+-produced content rounded out the campaign.


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