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Crafting a Seasonally Fresh Story for Harpoon 


We’ve gotten crafty to help Harpoon reclaim its status as authentic originator of the craft beer movement, amid thousands of upstarts promoting the flavor of the month.

That’s included a focus on the people behind Harpoon – from the employee-owners to co-founder – and elevating Harpoon IPA as the standard to measure all others.


We successfully positioned Harpoon and its founder/CEO as craft pioneers with the credibility and innovative ethos to speak for the category, while finding just the right places to insert the brand into the cultural conversation. For example, how Harpoon’s Boston HQ/brewpub is at the vanguard of a beer-at-brunch movement. Coverage for new and limited-time releases has been energized with a steady flow of creative seasonal and trend-specific pegs. 


Within the first six months of our relationship, our work had generated over 100 distinct stories in national outlets -- men’s and women’s lifestyle, food and entertaining – and in key local markets. Harpoon earned a leading (if not, the lead) position in influential seasonal beer stories, along with coverage its pioneering of IPO and craft brewing writ large, and its enduring independence. Results so good, you can just taste them.


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