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Delivering Media and Driving Downloads for Drizly



Our work for Drizly is helping to widen the adult beverage e-commerce innovator’s lead over a host of newcomers, from deep pocketed e-commerce giants to well-funded start-ups.



We creatively harness Drizly’s troves of data to tell compelling trend stories and position Drizly as thought leader. Working the calendar, we sustain relevance and cast Drizly at the center of news- and sales-making moments like the Super Bowl (and many more across the year).

To successfully move Drizly into new markets, we partner with local retailers, infusing the tech story with human interest, and educate the most important media and influencers about Drizly’s service.


As one local market example, our Drizly news was seen and heard across Houston and San Antonio – with local TV, radio, print and online outlets covering for more than 75 million earned media impressions in two weeks’ time.

In 360’s first full year of working with Drizly, we produced high-quality feature placements across consumer, tech and business outlets, reaching 880 million – and more via content we created for paid and owned channels. The real result? Record-breaking sales as we rolled Drizly into new markets in 2017.


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