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An Online Voice for A Fizzy, Gingery Libation

Crabbie’s Alcoholic Ginger Beer had spent five years methodically building distribution across the US. It was time to start bubbling up widespread consumer awareness and conversation for the refreshingly original Scottish import – roots dating to 1801 — at a time when a new wave of carbonated adult beverages was gathering momentum, and with target Millennials craving brands with rich heritage. All that buzz needed to work hard, proving its worth by boosting traffic to the website’s bar, restaurant and retail Crabbie’s Finder.


Two things needed to happen through Crabbie’s social channels: educate Millennial tipplers about what exactly alcoholic ginger beer is – and how to enjoy it – while telling Crabbie’s superior quality and grown-up taste stories. So we established The Crabbie’s Rules, a double-entendre with endless creative possibilities that speaks to both great taste and quality (as in, Crabbie’s Rules!) and versatility (Crabbie’s-made rules on how to love the liquid). Then we gave it a voice that only the brand could own, conjuring 19th-century founder John Crabbie himself, signature Scottish bluntness fully, tongue-in-cheekily, intact. That voice would challenge restless imbibers to try something new, impart brand-building words of wisdom, and memorably insert the brand into the right conversations.


The Crabbie’s Rules got instant traction, dramatically boosting conversation volume, share-of-voice, and most important, visits to the Crabbie’s Finder web page. In Washington DC, for example, the platform drove over 3,000 consumer visits to the page, supporting a fully-integrated week of promotion at less than a penny per click. Rules-themed Facebook content averages over 500 engagements per post, with engagement rates quadrupling industry averages.


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