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Making a Rum Brand Sing...Minus the Celeb


Country music icon Kenny Chesney went all-in developing his own rum, self-funding it and and tasting every recipe before liquid flowed into bottle #1.

But that’s where the music stopped. Chesney wanted Blue Chair Bay to win on its own merits and would play no part in PR support.

There was plenty to love and tout – silky smooth taste, portfolio of flavors, good value – but many can stake those claims. How to break through to 30-something women passionate about Chesney and cocktails made in a jiff?


We went heavy on influencers and created Blue Chair Bay Blogtender Nation: a corps of 50 food, entertaining and lifestyle enthusiasts with strong social media footprints and Chesney on their playlists.

It was creative equity-borrowing: a wink-and-a-nod riff on No Shoes Nation, Chesney’s own name for his fans.

That made our Nation’s members feel part of his circle. Their passion came through in original cocktails and other content that put the bottle and the brand on center stage – 100% authentic and unpaid.



Blogtender Nation proved instrumental in getting Blue Chair Bay off to a strong start, to the tune of becoming the fastest-growing launch ever by a start-up spirits company.

10 million-plus newly brand-aware fans shared our influencers’ content more than 130,000 times. Blogtender Nation posts consistently ranked among the top-20 monthly traffic drivers to BlueChairBay.com. Earned media got in on the act, often picking up recipes.

Red Spiced Cream, a limited-time release, sold out with Blogtender Nation as sole marketing support.


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