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Tipping the Balance in Balance Bar’s Favor

More than 20,000 new food products are launched each year, creating a highly competitive marketplace in which to break through with a product and marketing strategy that will have real impact with consumers. One of the original brands that defined the popular energy nutrition bar category, Balance Bar® presented 360PR+ with an opportunity to reintroduce the brand to a new generation, leveraging the launch of Balance Bar® Dark in late 2012. 360PR+ created a campaign that tipped the balance in Balance Bar’s favor, starting with the influencers and messaging that would resonate.

  • Appealing to today’s more sophisticated palates, the Balance Bar® Dark line is available in three decadent flavors all featuring dark chocolate coating.
  • They are the first nutrition bar line on the market to bear the well-respected Rainforest Alliance Certified™ seal and are also certified gluten-free.
  • Balance Bar’s proven 40-30-30 nutrition principle helps stabilize blood sugar levels (already within a normal range), making the ideal snack or meal replacement bar to enjoy lasting balanced energy.


We cycled into action with a high-energy launch event at New York’s hot Soul Cycle, attracting top fitness, food and lifestyle editors from Shape, Women’s Health, Redbook, InStyle and more to cycle in the dark, as Soul Cycle is known for. The on-message “dark” backdrop delivered a captive audience of influencers for Balance Bar® Dark’s launch. Editors were given a first look – and taste – of the Dark bars, prompting coverage that included a Shape Magazine 2013 Best Snacks award and TODAY Show feature, among other meaningful attention.

Seizing a variety of seasonal storytelling opportunities, we made Balance Bar® Dark relevant for Thanksgiving/Black Friday shopping, New Year’s Resolutions, Earth Day and Summer Travel stories, too. We also engaged influential bloggers to review and share Balance Bar® Dark benefits with their readers and followers, and partnered with the most engaged bloggers to host brand chats on Twitter, many of which were trending topics on the platform.


Getting the Balance Bar® Dark product into the hands of consumer food and lifestyle influencers has helped build awareness for the broader Balance Bar® line. Tastemakers like Supermarket Guru Phil Lempert (who gave the bars a high 91 out of 100 rating) and nationally recognized nutritionist/media contributor Heather Bauer have helped drive more positive buzz for Balance Bar®. With a modest budget, 360PR has helped Balance Bar® Dark earn more than 500 million media impressions in less than a year and set the stage for increased distribution.


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