PRWeek And 360PR Team Up For A Digital Content Creation Roundtable

We recently had the pleasure of partnering with PRWeek for an insightful and energizing roundtable discussion about digital content creation. Around the table were industry experts from Dunkin’ BrandsPBS, Share Our Strength and DailyCandy, along with a few of the best digital minds agency-side.

Industry experts answered questions on just about every relevant aspect of content development and deployment. “One of the biggest pieces of content creation is figuring out what your brand stands for,” said DailyCandy’s Editor-in-Chief Ashley Parrish. “Creating content based on those brand principles is just step one. The hard part is the distribution and activation.”

With that, panelists shared their tips for creating and deploying compelling, shareable and effective content.

Which comes first: the content or the platform? That’s a bit of a trick question. The answer is neither – the audience always comes first, according to roundtable panelists. “It always goes back to the audience and remembering who you are talking to and the channels they are on,” said 360PR’s Rob Bratskeir.

“It’s taking each content piece and figuring out which audience we want to hit and how to laser-target it in different venues,” explained Kevin Dando, digital marketing and communications director at PBS, who helped drive the highly shareable Mister Rogers remix videos.

What are common content pitfalls? Experts discussed various pitfalls, such as failed attempts at humor, going silent during a crisis, using industry jargon or having content that is too polished and comes across as manufactured, not authentic. When creating content, Clay Dunn, online community director for Share Our Strength, says he asks himself, “Will this make our fans look cool in front of their friends with whom they share it? Does this make sense if you don’t know anything about our issue?”

Blogs remain popular forums for brands. Is there a best practice that a brand can take when blogging?  “Don’t make it your press page. A blog should reveal the culture and heartbeat behind the brand. Do pay attention to visuals. Pictures, infographics, YouTube videos, and behind-the-scenes photos all help pull the curtain back and show that your brand is not just a logo,” said Parrish.

Authenticity  is important. How do you keep the brand strong while also figuring out how to tell a story in different ways? “Email is the unsung hero. People are afraid to talk about email because it doesn’t sound cool, but it makes a lot of sense that you’re going back to it after starting there.” said Ruder Finn’s Scott Schneider.

“We include prompts for readers to follow us on Facebook and Twitter at the bottom of all our emails. When we send an email communication out, we see a lot of chatter based on what the email is about. As a result, we try to align what’s in the national email content  with what we are talking about in social that day because  it seems like a mishit to be talking about one thing and later pushing out an email about something else,” said Dunkin’ Brands’ Jessica Gioglio.

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