Carolyn Evert

Media Relations Director

Carolyn Evert never takes off her reporter hat. As our media relations director, she unearths the news in any client story, positioning that story to appeal to the heads and hearts of an audience and packaging that story for consumption by the world’s top print, broadcast and online media. She has time and again delivered the first-exclusive feature that helps to drive other media interest.

A former broadcast journalist, Carolyn works hand-in-glove with producers at all of the national shows, from morning to daytime and late night. Carolyn also oversees our satellite media tours and production of every form of broadcast – for use on-air and online. In addition to her client work, she leads 360Newsroom to develop the media relations skills of everyone at the agency.

Carolyn skates circles around others. Long before most people wake up for work, she’s perfecting her toe loop, Salchow and double Axel. Stop by the office and marvel at her display of figure skating medals and honors.