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Tommee Tippee Helps Millennial Moms #ParentOn

Today’s hyper-parenting culture has many new moms inundated with information and advice. To break through to all of those advice-weary parents, Tommee Tippee set out to engage moms in a judgement-free, fun and supportive way. Tommee Tippee #ParentOn was born. The campaign’s message was simple: when it comes to making parenting decisions, forget Google, your co-workers and your mother-in-law, and trust your instincts.

360PR+ developed a strategy to create widespread awareness and sharing of #ParentOn and, in the process, initiated opportunities for more meaningful engagement between Tommee Tippee, parents and influencers. Armed with insight around millennial moms – including their increasing usage of social media as a means for connection, information gathering, and brand interaction – 360PR developed a digitally-driven plan. Key components included:

  • #ParentOn Perks – 360PR+ created a social dashboard to spot and reward parents in need of a cup of coffee or even just a virtual pat on the back. Needs one anecdote (a mom who was up all night and we interacted with);
  • Conversation-Worthy Content – our digital team delivered a steady stream of relatable and entertaining content to provide an ongoing drumbeat of engaging, shareable posts; and
  • Influencer Activation – to reach and engage top online parenting influencers we created clever customer packages that communicated the campaign in a funny and buzzworthy way.


The #ParentOn social media campaign drove the highest levels of engagement and fan growth across Tommee Tippee social pages in the brand’s social media history (5 years). The campaign garnered nearly 200,000 engagements, 16.8 million impressions, and 4.3K hashtag uses across social media channels, resulting in a 10.5% increase in community size. Additionally, organic usage of the hashtag has continued beyond the initial launch phase, becoming a regular component of many of our fans’ parent-related social media posts. Moreover, we made Tommee Tippee memorable for the right reasons with influencers and millions of moms across the U.S.